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About Us

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Andre Waldron

Andre Waldron is the founder of Market Eyewitness.   He graduated magna cum laude from the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University.   Additionally, Andre received an MBA from Binghamton University.    Andre Waldron has vast experience breaking down complex business strategies.  This can be seen in his in-depth stock market analysis for publications such as Seeking Alpha and The Street.  

Andre Waldron believes that it is his mission to spread financial literacy to people of all ages.

Market Eyewitness

Market Eyewitness aims to be a hub for personal finance solutions.  We offer services such as household budget analysis to individuals and strategies for debt elimination.  

Additionally, we offer budget and strategic consulting strategies to sole proprietorships and small businesses.   Market Eyewitness aims to provide top-notch consulting services at a fast pace.   We understand that even the best businesses have unique problems that need a resolution.   It is the mission of Market Eyewitness to fill this critical gap.